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About the project

Energy Exemplar are global leaders in energy market simulation software, developers of the industry benchmark PLEXOS, in use in over 42 countries. Their software collates all the relevant data for a scenario and calculates the best choice. Energy Exemplar approached us to refresh their brand, integrating sleek design and a strong identity to match their highly functional software offering. We took all the information they provided us and provided the perfect solution, finding humanity in logic and beauty in code. We’ve never used the words ‘Stochastic Optimisation’ so much before.

We found comparison between a feather and the human race. Evolution has developed it into a specialised and purpose-built object. Yet without knowledge, foresight and direction it simply drifts at the mercy of outside forces. What it lacks is control to make it useful. It’s only when we understand its purpose, what influences are at work and what is ultimately possible that it becomes effective… and we can plan to profit from its full potential. PLEXOS is the tool providing that direction.