Written by

Andrew Millar


May 2, 2007

When a client says, ‘I don’t want to run that. It’s too (insert reason here)…”’ Why fight?

Why not just lie down and just go with the flow? Why not just give them what they are asking for?

It’s easier than continuing to struggle.

It’s quicker than a rework and you can be home for dinner on time for a change.

It’s more profitable. Because it takes less time to do the ordinary.

Concepts are either too scary, too confronting, too standout, too powerful, too committed to a course or just too challenging. Whatever the reason, there is fear and fear leads too often to a backing away from good communication to bland communication.

But it always pays to fight for concepts and causes that may appear unpopular in the moment, rather than following the course of quick and easy agreement. Because, in the words of Leo Burnett… ““It is apparent that the company can’t be any better or bigger than the growth of the people in it”.”

Restrict the growth of ideas and you restrict the growth of your people. And you therefore restrict the growth of the company.

Andrew MIllar
Creative Director