What was eating me about sunflowers?

Written by

Andrew Millar


April 16, 2012

Funny the way your brain stores odd facts… little scraps of information that seem trivial at the time… but years later are recalled when they become relevant.

For example…

I bought some flowers for the office on the weekend. And I was undeniably drawn their cheerful, vibrant and massive sunflower blooms in the middle of the Mall. I was attracted by their size. Our room is big and I thought they'd have the presence needed to make a real statement. But there seemed to me to be more of an obvious connection…. a link between what we do and these bold mega overtly cheerful flowers.

So to the internet and a few Google clicks in reveals that traditionally sunflowers were the symbol of new opportunities, prosperity, good luck and unhindered ‘blue sky’ thinking. Ah ha! I know there was something… but when the euphoria of that chance discovery subsided, I was left thinking there was something more… a niggling reference somewhere in my head… (Note to self… must develop 'Grey Matter Fact Retrieval' software… a sort of 'Google-My-Head'. Then I can retire rich and famous…)

So I left that alone for a while and got on with other stuff. And then I recalled that my brother once told me that Professor Calculus from Hergé’s Tintin Books was originally called Professor Tournesol in the French versions… literally Professor Sunflower because he was such an uninhibited, unconventional and innovative thinker.

And are we not all marketing mad scientists? Isn't that what we do?

Sunflowers are a perfect fit…

Niggle resolved…