Written by

Andrew Millar


August 2, 2008

(for the first part of this entry see the 14/7 post)

I ran into the ‘Artist’ at a gallery opening on Thursday night. He asked if I was still studying with ‘The Professor’?

I nodded.

He gave me a piece of paper that looked like some notes from a singing lesson.

“Solea…” He said, “Solea… The heart and soul of Flamenco.”

He read from memory the lyrics written on the paper…

“No se me daba cuidado,
Me hago cargo que ha todo un ensueño.
Y a lo pasado, pasado.”

“Lament.” he said and walked off…

As far as I know, it translates as…

I didn’t mind
I know it was just a dream
and past things are past.

I feel I have meet someone special… probably the world’s only gypsy with a sense of closure.