The ‘Digger’s Gift’ to sales figures.

Written by

Andrew Millar


April 26, 2007

It has become a bit of a tradition in Australia.

It goes with ANZAC Day, our day of remembering our soldiers that served our country in times of conflict.

It’s called rain.

Statistically, it seems the rains that break a Summer drought seem to arrive on ANZAC Day, and catch the poor old boys in mid-march. Bless them.

These rains have become known to some as the ‘Digger’s Gift’ and this year they are most welcome. Not just because it means, perhaps, the beginning of the end of a media inspired and politically encouraged drought. I hope they lift the confidence of the general public to get on and do what they normally do – spend money on the everyday things they need, to live.

It seems strange that events like the speculation of a drought, a looming Federal Election or even our favourite team losing a footy game seems to delay the purchase of a new car, fridge or house.

We get spooked or depressed and seem to put our fiscal affairs on hold.

Hopefully, as we enter our fourth straight day of ‘little jewels falling from the sky’ we’ll remember to keep the economy turning over.

Marketers need to keep in the back of their minds that while people feel restrained by external forces, like a lack of cloud in the sky, they need to keep their awareness spend up, to remain at the front of consumer’s conscious minds.

Because when the rain comes, a flood of spending might follow.

It turns out we have a lot more to thank our Diggers for.