Support the Mosh Pit

Written by

Andrew Millar


September 8, 2008

This is an ad. Despite the fact that no one ever admits to being influenced by ads, please read on….

Some friends of mine have started an organisation that needs some support. It is sad that this organisation even needs to exist, but it is one of those non-sexy issues that Governments ignore.

The truth is: more Australians die every year by their own hands than die in motor vehicle accidents.

Statistics attribute more than 2000 deaths a year to suicide. And when you consider that some single vehicle accidents on our roads are suspected suicides then the discrepancy in the figures is even greater.

Then consider that for every ‘successful’ suicide, some 30 fail in their attempt. The figures become astronomical.

Yet, we don’t have a Department of Human Safety to match the Department of Road Safety. We don’t have pitches between agencies, vying for the contract to make some hair-raising commercials designed to scare people into not taking their lives. We don’t have commercials for human safety winning awards…

And we don’t gloat at the end of the nightly news that the suicide toll for this year is 10 lower than the same time last year…

We don’t have warnings on ropes and guns that taking your own life is harmful to your health. And to those who are left behind…

We don’t have politicians promising funding for human safety on country roads…

And frankly, we should have.

Jill Chapman and Sandra Lockwood have set up MOSH, Minimisation of Suicide Harm, because no one else has. And yes, their work is undertaken to honour the memories of their sons, Mark Quick and Michael Chapman.

For just $25 for an individual or $80 for an organization, like Black Sheep for example, we can support their work… for an amount that is bugger all, really.

If you are so moved to part with a few ‘reddies’ visit There is not much there yet but two relevant phone numbers of those who are trying to make a difference.

Please call one of them and offer your support.

Thank you for reading this far, because I’m told by many clients, no one ever reads the body copy of an ad….

Andrew Millar