Written by

Andrew Millar


April 20, 2010

I enjoy watching young people showing off their talents.

I love seeing them sing, dance and create music. My daughter’s school encourages it. It encourages the very talented and the not so to get up and have a go. And the kids support each other. They encourage. They cheer. They stamp. They shout.

They have a great time and it’s uplifting to experience.

And then there’s TV.

Here we show a group of young kids given the opportunity to try out for a school musical. We show them working their hearts out.

And then we show them being lined up and one by one rejected. Yes, some got through. But the camera follows the ones who are told they are not good enough.

We are entertained by their tears. We expect them to speak when they can’t. We expect to hear their thoughts when they are clearly not ready to confront them.

And we are not satisfied until they cry… with shame… with rejection… with disappointment.

And we watch it – prime time – for entertainment.

We are a sick, sick society.