Responsibility, education and being prepared

Written by

Tom Ootes


September 9, 2020

I’m not sure how many other agencies accept work experience students or interns. We do a lot of it, partly to fulfil an obligation through the Government Tendering process. But our prime motivation is to foster a sense of optimism with graduates while running a continuous eye over emerging talent in South Australia.

We tend to favour graduates who have a demonstrated interest in this business so that these eager young people are intensely curious, motivated to learn and keen to secure a job.

And yet, we are often confronted by a rather troubling response.

Worryingly, many say “this is nothing like I was taught, nothing like I imagined it to be”. And then over the weeks that follow, they demonstrate this gap in knowledge.

And it should be alarming the various institutions who offer courses that are supposed to be equipping graduates with some understanding of what we do.

If the Australian Advertising Industry hits an economic value of $23b in 2023 and South Australia’s share is about 7% of that, then having informed, appropriately prepared graduates entering an industry worth $1.6b should be a priority.

Imagine Medical graduates after a week or 2 at The RAH looking about in amazement saying, “Wow, I didn’t think it would be like this!”

Or responding to every question or request with, “Oh, they didn’t teach us that”

Surely, in these recessionary, difficult times, our ‘teaching resources’ should be equipping those who take on the extraordinary financial burden attached to tertiary education, with a moderate amount of practical, relevant knowledge. It feels like the responsible thing to do.

Hopefully we can work collaboratively to make a positive impact on the future of our industry.

– John McLaren