Recession Marketing

Written by

Andrew Millar


March 14, 2009

I had this idea in the shower. And it came about for two reasons. The first being I can’t wear reading glasses in the shower. And the second is comes about because we seem to use shampoo at twice the rate of conditioner and therefore have two times more of it than shampoo.

And so I found myself standing with wet, dirty hair and instead of shampoo, a handful of Weller conditioner.

What to do? Nothing but evoke the 1970s mantra… adapt. adopt. improve.

So I smeared the milky lotion across my face and shaved with it.

And do you know what? It works. And it works well. It is far better than shaving soap. It clings to the skin better, lubricates the blades nicely and leaves the remaining facial hair soft and manageable.

And that’s how I found a use for all the half bottles of conditioner we have sitting around the shelves of our bathrooms.

But it strikes me that in tough times like we’re experiencing currently this is what we should be doing. No. Not shaving with hair products. I mean, thinking about finding new markets for products and finding new ways to present old ideas. Products like Nappysan successfully began this process long ago mainly because technology had moved to make them obsolete. However the current ‘World Financial Crisis’ has the potential to render many products extinct in a very short space of time.

Marketing during a recession doesn’t require louder ads, bigger offers or more shouting. It requires we take a step back and analyse opportunities. It requires the courage to try the untried. And it requires people to hold a course for a plan to take effect – knee jerking will waste your efforts and your precious recourses.

But above all else it needs a creative approach to old problems if you wish to avoid a close shave with extinction.