Life’s great question.

Written by

Andrew Millar


July 6, 2007

I’m plagued by questions that have no answers – great questions that cause sleepless nights of tossing, turning and thinking.

Big life altering questions like ‘why are dogs’ lips black?’

And, if the Coyote in the Warner Brother’s cartoons was so hungry, why did he spend so much money on products from ACME mail order catalogues? Why didn’t he just order food?

But the current biggie of all unfathomable conundrums I have been grappling with lately…: why after calling on four of the great advertising agencies in Adelaide for ideas, advice and plans in March, is Wendys running the rehash of a six year old campaign in July? And with a very Subway voice over to boot.

Still every dog has it’s day.

Andrew Millar
Creative Director