japan 8: Soylent Kreme

Written by

Andrew Millar


January 9, 2008

Ever seen the tacky science fiction film ‘Soylent Green’?

I haven’t for years. But I remember it was forgettable.

So… basic plot… Government keeps masses under control by feeding them goop called Soylent Green. The population become addicted, but revolt when the supply runs out. Then, they discover what was in it… (play dramatic evil musical sting…)

Well, there is the potential for the same thing to happen here in Tokyo.

The population appear to be hooked on Krispy Kreme donuts.

There is a shop that sells them on Time Square Plaza. We walk past it in the mornings on our way out and then again when we return in the afternoon. We also pass it in the evening if we’re off into the bright action of Shinjuku. The other night we happened past at 9 o’clock.

The thing is, that each time we pass, there’s at least 100 or more people queued up to buy boxes of donuts.… I repeat… 100 or more people queued up to buy donuts. Seemingly it is 24/7.

At first we thought it was a night club and the crowd control guy with the stick was the ‘door bitch’. But no, it’s a snaking, weaving wait for deep fried fat.

Is that all that is in there things or is there a good dusting of cocaine across the top?

What is the secret of Soylent Kremes?

Something in them has these people hooked big time…

In Singapore I have seen Wimpy Bars and Hungry Jacks full of locals and the great tiny red duck restaurants full of tourists.

I hope Krispy Kremes isn’t the tip of a culturally erosive iceberg.