Your hardest working employee

Written by

Tom Ootes


March 9, 2018

Every business has one. Some have more than one.

They’re first in, last out. Rarely take sick or annual leave.

They juggle multiple tasks without breaking a sweat.

They answer inquiry, take messages, book meetings, make sales and speak multiple languages.

They don’t make a mess, don’t smell of BO and are never hungover.

They are 100% loyal and you never have to worry about them getting headhunted.

They live by the company line, dress and act appropriately at all times.

Potential clients can reach them whenever and wherever they are in the world.

They work on weekends and you don’t even need to pay their superannuation.



Not this guy.

I’m talking about your website.

Your website is your hardest working employee.

24/7 it is pushing your brand and company to the world.

And never complains.


We often have discussions with clients about building and designing websites.

At some point, cost inevitably comes up.

We get it, there are budgets.

But it shouldn’t be seen as a cost – it’s an investment.


Your website is often the first thing a potential customer sees.

Importantly, it’s their first impression of you and your brand.

It’s a reflection of who you are and your attitude – and it’s important to make your customer’s first impression of you the best it can be. They need to understand what you stand for, why you’re different, why they should choose you.

Because you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression.

That’s what we care about. And that’s what we bring to the table.


When you hire a new employee, whether it’s through an external recruiter or an internal process, time and money are spent making sure the new employee can do what you need and will fit with the culture.


With a website there’s no guessing.

We design it to do what you want and to fit with your brand and culture.


I challenge you to find a single person who can do everything your website can for every hour of every day of the year.


This isn’t a suggestion that you must spend more.

This is a plea to change your perspective.

Invest wisely and your value you get in return will massively outweigh the ‘cost’.