Written by

Andrew Millar


February 18, 2007

I have always believed good advertising should sound like its coming from someone you just started chatting with on the bus.

Good marketing people can tell you who that person is and what language they should be using.

The conversation should be a persuasive, relevant and engaging.

It should not be a one-sided smarmy 30 second tirade during your favourite movie!

I once had a client who knew better.

He said that the fact his business had expanded to three mega/giant/super/warehouse/factory outlet/spectacular stores meant he was right and we were wrong.

“I am making money. You can’t argue with that.” he once lashed at us.

“We could argue you could be making more.” we quietly replied, showing him the other side of the front door.

I take no pleasure though in saying I can’t find any of his stores listed in this year’s Yellow Pages.

Andrew Millar
Creative Director/Partner