First thoughts – I feel naked.

Written by

Andrew Millar


February 4, 2007

Well, here we go.

Welcome to the Black Sheep Bleat.

Here, over the coming days/months/years, we’ll deal with issues that we think might have you know us better. Things might inspire you, things might make you think and possibly make you smile. It will be a random collection of thoughts, jottings and musings based around issues of advertising, creativity, marketing and advertising agency life.

In other words, I’ll lay naked the soul of Black Sheep Advertising, Adelaide, Australia for all to see.

Now in this first bleat, I thought the best thing to do is attempt to dispel a common misconception. And it’s to do with our name.

Black Sheep Advertising – a name that entered my thoughts at 3am, during sleep. It was a rare thing, an idea that drifted in during a dream, was committed to paper with the light still out and using the wrong end of the pencil. Still, I scratched enough marks on paper to retrieve the notion for analysis in the morning.

Some thought it was a nonsense name. ‘One of the critter agencies’ we were called. It’s dangerous to underestimate.

But most seem to assume it refers to us -… our emergence from an existing, successful agency. Some assumed that it was an introspective name; that we are the Black Sheep.

Not at all.

My business partner, Simon O’Brien and I had been scratching for a name to reflect our new agency’s working philosophy – a philosophy that can be summed up in one word…:


Yes, for us the key to brand management is to find the differences between products and then exploit that difference. And for us too many brands are happy to be part of a flock.

I value meaning too much for a novelty name. And we hated the idea of our names being used. And thought using our initials was even worse.

Hence Black Sheep.

And if you look at our brandmark at the head of this entry, you see that it is our words, ideas, philosophies and concepts that can make a visible black sheep from a run of the mill White Faced Suffolk.

Without our intervention, it’s just a bland naked sheep.

More, or course, about this in following entries.

Thanks for reading… Watch this space…

Andrew Millar
Creative Director/Partner