Fast & Furiously Stupid

Written by

Andrew Millar


March 30, 2009

I had quite a different piece written for today.

It was all about how Senator Conroy and the independent ‘one issue’ politicians were attempting to censor the internet. The piece used the idea that we are fast becoming a ‘Nanny State’ by trying to legislate for a lack of common sense.

And then two idiots destroyed themselves, their cars and almost those who they called friends by drag racing up a suburban road under the mistaken belief that darkness and brashness of youth would make them unanswerable to reality.

Their laps in judgement saw their lives scattered for 200 metres up a road, in driveways and a series of front gardens. The wreckage was surreal in the totality of the destruction. It was more like a aircraft wreckage with the craft reduced to confetti sized fragments. In truth the impact speed was similar.

I agree car crashes happen everyday. Genuine accidents and accidents that are actually calculated risks that end in failure are a fact of life. That’s not what caused me to scrap the article. I deleted the 500 or so words because the day following the crash on Magill Road, in the ad break following the reporting of the devastation was an ad for the film ‘Fast and Furious’… a series of films that glorify street dragging.

It was one of the worst cases of media irony I have ever seen… ‘Live for the speed. Drive for the rush’ … and then leave everyone else to deliver the news to your parents and clean up the mess… It did make me question whether censorship has some merit…

But in the end, you can pass all the laws you like, run all the education campaigns you want, suppress all the films you think have a bad influence but you just can’t defeat the human minds ability to be selfishly brash and stupid from time to time.