Family, without restrictions…

Written by

Tom Ootes


December 12, 2018

There’s often a lot of restrictions around what we as advertisers can do, say, or produce.

Whether those limitations are based on budgets, media bookings, purpose, mediums or courage, they each present unique challenges that need to be overcome and often very good ideas simply don’t see the light of day – and it’s no-one’s fault, they just don’t.

Which is why the brief we received from San Remo in January this year was so refreshingly different.

Black Sheep was briefed to create a brand spot with a moral, the power of family. We needed something universal; relevant but traditional.

We were also able to take our time in the telling of the story. This was not to add complexity but to allow the love of family and the sense of connection that family provides, to shine through.

There were no limitations.

Nothing was off the table immediately.

From that point the long journey (almost 12 months) took us through tens of concepts, scripts, ideas as we fleshed out what is ultimately being launched today.

San Remo has a long history of brand positioning around family. And although the notion of what constitutes a family is now less predictable; when they work, nothing can match the social and emotional, restorative power of a family.

So, while there are increasing pressures on time, our health, our financial position and our relationships, finding time to be with family is more important than ever. There is an honest truth to the power of family, that spans generations, geography and language.

As a family owned business for over 80 years, our new commercial celebrates both our heritage and the powerful family bonds that unite allAustralians across all generations. The result is something we are really proud of.” 
– Erik de Roos, CMO San Remo.

The story we present is timeless but importantly it has a moral. It’s a story about the love and reverence that we have for family. It’s also about connection; the unbreakable links we have, often across generations, and just how precious they are.”
– Andrew Millar, Creative Director, Black Sheep

Ultimately, along with many other wonderfully talented people, we delivered a 104 second short film – with only one pack shot!

The spot will primarily run on cinema and social media, but there is a 60 sec cut for television too.

See the spot by clicking the above image…

We are honoured to have been involved in this work and proud to share it with you today.