Creatives of ill repute

Written by

Andrew Millar


April 8, 2007

Jung stated that we were born with 4 archetypes as a kind of personality starter pack. As we progress in life we add more of them to our personality.

The Innocent, The Mother, The Prostitute and The Ruler comprise the original set.

They all try to equip the individual with some chance of survival, but that’s not the purpose of this entry. I simply remember a link between the Prostitute and an Advertising Agency I used to work with.

The story related to a move they made to new premises. Apparently the building had a dubious past but the agency renovated it with a typing pool down stairs and creative offices upstairs. One night everyone was working back late preparing for a major presentation when a drunk who was en-route home, staggered in the front door looking for ‘love’. He took one look at the rows of typists busily tapping away at Remington Golf balls and exclaimed…

“”Hell, this place has got too big for the likes of me.”” And staggered back out into the night.

The truth is, as creative people we all have to be able to access ‘The Prostitute’ and give up a lot of ourselves to remain in ‘the pack’. We don’t like to give anything up and generally don’t take criticism well. But we all have to learn when the business is bigger than the individual.

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Andrew Millar
Creative Director