Written by

Andrew Millar


June 26, 2007

From time to time I have made the point that reliability, as a measure of differentiating one brand from another is, these days, a moot point.

It is certainly written that way in our manifesto.

Moot it might be, but issues of reliability have just left me cold.

To explain, we recently bought a small fan heater. It lasted two days.

Now before my old friends from the forum (see previous entry) accuse me of ‘boohooing’ or ‘wanting to be fawned over’ I’d like to point out what happened when we went to return it.

Money was handed back without question, but when we asked the staff member to recommend a good brand she could not. She said none of them were. Not one.

“We’re averaging ten returns a day. Even the known established brands are failing with regularity.””

It seems reliability might be a moot point, but for the wrong reason.