Department of the Premier and Cabinet

SA Your Way

  • Challenge

    Prior to SA Your Way, there wasn’t an interesting or exciting-looking destination for those considering a move to South Australia that reflected the type of life you could lead. Instead, there were hyper-polished, stuffy-looking government websites and personal blogs.

  • Strategy

    Offer those considering a move to South Australia a first step into life in SA. Combat preconceived notions about the state and deliver this message in a manner which makes people reconsider what they 'know' about living SA.

  • Creative Expression

    Government are often considered from purely a functional and informational perspective. Using that as a brief of what not to do, we delivered a place that surprises and delights, providing insight into what life is really like in SA, influenced by a Mondrian style.

  • Results

    Going live with a soft launch, all key stakeholders were happy and impressed. 

  • AADC

    Best Digital Design Website Award - Adelaide Advertising and Design Club Awards