SA Health

More For Health

  • Challenge

    Over the past few years, the public have perceived the health system to be in a constant state of crisis. With the media spotlighting one health-related issue after another, the South Australian community never had the opportunity to consider SA Health’s holistic efforts towards improving the health care system. 

    SA Health wanted to tell a positive story about the health system, their planned investment and improvements to that system, and how much they care about the health of the people.

  • Strategy

    When people are sick, they miss out on the best bits of life. We decided to position real health system improvements as a way of helping people to spend more time living the life they want, rather than getting lost in a system.

  • Creative Expression

    We developed the line 'More for Health' - a positive, overarching promise to a commitment to the health of the people, which could be used in a modular way, including the Premier's speeches. Combining this with heartfelt moments of community members with loved ones instead of in a hospital pushed the message home.