Meals on Wheels SA

Not Slowing Down

  • Challenge

    Meals on Wheels had a perception problem. As part of a rapidly growing food delivery category, Meals on Wheels were seen as old, boring food, delivered by old, boring people to even older, more boring people. Despite the generational differences, Baby Boomers were being treated like their parents and were switching off. We needed them to see Meals on Wheels in a new light and change their attitude from 'definitely not for me' to 'I'll consider it'.

  • Strategy

    Our audience are sick of seeing themselves represented as either old and frail - or unrealistically young. Both extremes are disrespectful and false. It doesn't show understanding and doesn't lead to trust or brand loyalty.

    We took advantage of an opportunity to boldly position Meals on Wheels as the organisation that celebrates and understands seniority. As much as their business relies on volunteers and delivers food - ultimately our customers are the most important element. Certainly to change perception of the brand, we needed to prove to our audience we understood them and their values.

  • Creative Execution

    A series of powerful vignettes of Meals on Wheels customers showing their attitudes and opinions towards ageing and why Meals on Wheels fits their lifestyle. We wanted to reflect baby boomer attitudes as they move towards 70. Coincidentally, this campaign coincided with Meals on Wheels' 70th birthday and just like their customers, they're not slowing down now.

  • Results

    While still in market, there's been lot's of great feedback and anecdotal evidence this is having the desired effect:

    "Congratulations on the new TV ad. I saw it the other night and it was fantastic... looks really good!" - Customer 

    "The radio and TV Ads are really engaging; the messaging debunks any stigma that Meals on Wheels only serves the frail elderly..." - Board Member

    "Fantastic & a job well done ... can't wait to hear friends & family talk about them!" - Staff Member

  • +130%

    Increase of customer enquiries

  • +27%

    Increase of volunteer enquiries