Nature Foundation

Nature Foundation Rebrand

  • Challenge

    Nature Foundation lacked visibility beyond its membership and stakeholders. Also, the logo lacked modernity and even relevance, but changing the brand mark of any member-based organisation doesn’t happen without a lot of introspection and debate.

  • Strategy

    Run a brand archetyping session with relevant board members and staff to establish the brands persona. Agree on design brief to redesign the logo and create Nature Foundation’s brand guidelines more broadly.

  • Creative Expression

    The Nscape (logo) reflects the fluidity, complexity and beauty of nature. Like nature, it adapts and re-presents itself according to its context. As a logo, and just like nature, it is anything but conventional – nuance is everywhere. Nature Foundation celebrates the diversity and challenge that preserving nature presents.

  • Results

    The logo has been described as beautiful piece of design: elegant, contemporary and entirely sympathetic to the organisation it represents. And despite a reluctance to change anything from certain quarters, the results have been embraced by staff, board members and stakeholders alike.