Commonwealth Department of Education, Skills and Employment

Fraud Files

  • Challenge

    Let’s face it: government communication can be a little dry. Internal government educational communication even more so. Our task was to create a podcast for Department employees focusing on fraud prevention that was not only educational, but engaging. 

  • Strategy

    Emulate the storytelling aspect, structure and tone of true crime podcasts, a medium our audience listen to in their free time.

  • Creative Expression

    Fraud Files, hosted by investigative journalists, was a suspenseful five-episode podcast detailing real cases of fraud within the department, how they got flagged, and what employees can watch out for in the future. 

  • Results

    A survey sent to Season 1 listeners proved they not only learned from and enjoyed the podcast, but they wanted more: more seasons, more episodes, and more time spent on each case. So we developed and produced a second season. 

    Season 2 has only recently been released within the Department, but so far, the listening stats have been described by our client as “very good”, and anecdotally, listeners’ feedback has been “extremely positive”. The podcast’s second season is already sparking enquiry of other departments eager to produce a similar product.  

  • 83.5%

    Average engagement rate

  • 2,500

    Unique plays within the department.