Cedar Woods

Fletcher's Slip

  • Challenge

    Buck the trend of disappointing past developments in the historical area whilst negating the influence of a noisy group of naysayers attempting to save a rusting, dangerous shed on site.

  • Strategy

    The first and most enduring strategic principle we employed was ‘authenticity’. Belonging to a place so rich in history, those who live in 'the peninsula' or 'Port people' are by their nature, interesting, honest, and most importantly, authentic. The true history and character of the area reflected on our brand work - lyrical, poetic, even romantic.

  • Creative Expression

    Visually, we employed the historical harbour and its architecture, but wherever possible, we used people interacting with the amazing scenery. We used language that was lyrical and evocative; some of it was poetry.

  • Results

    We designed and fitted out one of Adelaide’s most attractive and significant Sales Centres. People have now moved into Fletcher’s Slip, the community continues to grow, and new releases are continuously met with an abundance of enquiry.

  • 2500

    Expressions of interest prior to launch