Drug Driving

  • Challenge

    Between 2018 and 2022, 66 lives lost and 540 serious injuries on South Australian roads were the direct result of a vehicle being operated by someone who tested positive for drugs.

    Clearly, driving with Meth and Cannabis in your system is a key contributor to road trauma on South Australian roads.

    However, the mindset and motivations of these two groups of drug users is quite diverse.

    Research shows there is a stark difference between reality and the misconceptions of a drug driver. Methamphetamine users hold the idea that they are vigilant and highly reactive, while those using cannabis tend to think they are driving more cautiously.

  • Strategy

    Black Sheep’s campaign is designed to breakdown irrational thinking that there are no consequences - both legally and morally – to drug driving. The campaign reflects the paranoia drug users experience when attempting to drive. It portrays a confronting yet realistic look at the effects and ramifications of drug users’ choices and delivers a strong key message – that reality hits hard when you drive on drugs.

  • Creative Execution

    We created a series of content videos that closely reflect on drug users and their experience. We want drug drivers to see themselves in the communication. By doing this we pre-load a sense of paranoia before they get behind the wheel. ‘Self-identification’ will lead to engagement that cuts through a natural cynicism.

    The consequences are confronting and paramount to the communication. They are the hard hit of reality.