Adelaide Economic Development Agency


  • Challenge

    Launch byADL, an online retail platform selling only items stocked by Adelaide businesses, when monster competitors such as Amazon and eBay offer similar (and more expansive) services.

  • Strategy

    Create attention-grabbing communication to intrigue customers and ultimately cause changes in consumer behaviour. To compete with established competitors and eventually persuade shoppers to consider a switch to byADL, it was imperative to first get their attention. 

    We also created a social media presence that extends beyond ‘get shop fit’; by using the brand tone instead of the launch campaign tone to inform the socials, we made accounts that will remain cohesive and consistent through various campaigns. 

  • Creative Execution

    A “ridiculously attention-grabbing” campaign inspiring Adelaideans to “get shop fit” by clicking and scrolling through the new online platform. With colourful ‘80s aerobics-inspired visuals and sound, the campaign invites people to work out their fingers and hands by exploring all byADL has to offer. 

  • Results

    The first month saw 30,000 visits to the byADL website, hundreds of thousands of social media impressions, and a Facebook engagement rate 122x the industry average. 

    While the launch is still in early stages, the campaign is already seeing promising results and the beginnings of ongoing success.