TABOO Period Products

Bloody Important Conversation

  • Challenge

    1 in 5 Australia menstruators do not have proper access to period care. Although many workplaces are seen as socially proactive, very few are taking the steps to provide their employees period care products. Unlike toilet paper or handwash, businesses don’t feel responsible or see providing period products as a necessity. With many Australians spending a substantial portion of their time at work, businesses adopting period products into their workplace would make a significant impact towards beating period poverty.

    The conversation around menstruation is still stigmatised and because of this workplaces don’t see period products as their responsibility, where it should be as available as toilet paper.

  • Strategy

    Provide a platform that enables employees to anonymously ask their employer to supply period products in the workspace. Empower people to start an important conversation and help to facilitate that conversation.

  • Creative Execution

    The Taboo microsite is a simple design which allows people to send an email on behalf of Taboo’s managing director. The website alleviates the stress of contacting your boss or HR representative by allowing the employee to read through the exact email to be sent, filling in the blanks like a form as they go.

  • Results

    We reached over 2m people through a PR campaign resulting in coverage from 13 publications, as well as an additional 30k through social media campaign (with a 14% engagement rate) with a budget of only $1k

  • 2M

    Reach through PR campaign.

  • 14%

    Social media engagement rate on social campaign.

  • 61

    Leads in the first fortnight.