Renewal SA


  • Challenge

    A master-planned urban renewal project from South Australia’s State Government, Bowden began its life on a gritty industrial site just 2 kms from Adelaide’s CBD. The bold residential plan, with a unique scale and design, described apartment living, a concept yet to be embraced by the Adelaide population.

  • Strategy

    Build a brand based on an attitude, on a demographically agnostic proposition that attracted people more interested in how they lived their lives. We aimed our story at the 60-year-old downsizer who could wear a beret with confidence and his future 30-year-old hipster neighbour, drinking organic coffee and craft beer – a confluence of buyers who were interesting and interested in each other.

  • Creative Expression

    The brand began its life using quite abstract imagery – evocative, energetic, and most importantly, intriguing. We reflected on the creativity already evident in and around Bowden and used it as a platform to build upon.

  • Results

    Black Sheep was the agency of record for more than 8 years, successful through various mandated reviews.
    The development has successfully reimagined a once-derelict industrial site and continues to be a sought-after place to live with townhomes now achieving prices in excess of $1m.