Barramundi Wines

Barramundi Wines

  • Challenge

    Launch and maintain strong awareness of an Australian Wine brand internationally. Barramundi's position as an Australian wine brand selling to an international audience meant that traditional Australian targeting wasn't going to cut it. We needed to understand what the international wine consumer needed from an Australian brand.

  • Strategy

    Surround Barramundi with an aura of simplicity and the care-free lifestyle synonymous with Australian culture. We wanted Barramundi's audience to think: buy Australian, buy Barramundi.

  • Creative Expression

    Barramundi is Australian for ‘wine’. Barramundi needed to represent the elements of Australian life that appealed to the outsider. We ramped up the quirky, larrikin humour and pushed the boundaries with Barramundi's new and edgy tone.

  • Results

    Now in 46 countries globally, making waves in the US currently and returning record social media engagement rates. We continue to elevate the Barramundi brand to remain relevant in a fast-changing social media environment.

  • 718%

    Increase in post engagement