San Remo

Make Friday Night Pasta Night

  • Challenge

    San Remo tasked us with increasing sales of dry pasta. However, as category leader, they already had a significant market share and an incredibly well-known brand. To increase sales, we needed to grow the category.

  • Strategy

    To grow the category, we needed to encourage consumers to purchase and, importantly consume, more pasta, more frequently. So we decided to own a day of the week and give people an occassion and a bunch of reasons why eating pasta was a good idea. Pasta is good for a range of reasons, so we developed a framework that allowed us to talk to each of the benefits, while making people hungry.

  • Creative Expression

    Owning Friday, we created Make Friday Night Pasta Night – a celebration of pasta and a reason for families to come together over pasta. We combined rational reasons like carb loading for Saturday sports and the ease of making a pasta meal for a family with delicious-looking imagery where food was the seductive hero.

  • Results

    Overall dramatic growth in dry pasta category, with a significant growth for San Remo as a result.

    Average $ value share of category increased by 0.9%. Baseline sales increased significantly between 3.8% and 9.4% between markets.

    Halo impact on baseline sales ranged from 16.2% to 25.8% between markets.

    The campaign was restricted to ACT and TAS for clear testing.

  • 9.3%

    Growth of Dry Pasta Category

  • 4.4%

    Growth for San Remo