Selfish Prick

  • Problem

    Young, recalcitrant drink drivers continue to threaten their own lives and the lives of the community.

  • Strategy

    Call them out. Spell out the consequences, not just for the offender but for everyone. Use an attitude and language that ‘pricks’ their conscience and emboldens their peers and the community to name and shame them. Make offenders reflect on their own behaviour as selfish.

  • Creative Expression

    A dark, introspective story told by a drink driver who in the end labels himself for what he is – a selfish prick.

  • Results

    Reduced incidence of drink driving by 35%, on the journey to delivering the lowest DUI rate in a decade. ‘Selfish Prick’ became part of vernacular and editorial. 100% of the target audience felt ashamed at their previous drink driving behaviour. Ranked one the most complained about commercials nationally, despite only airing in South Australia.

  • AMI Judges Comments

    “This is one of the most outstanding campaigns I’ve come across. It authentically pushed the boundaries and it paid off. This entry was superb and holistic, as the civic leadership message was one that cut right to the punch. The concept, the strategy, the simple (spot-on) cut-through creative and the additional benefits were bigger than the campaign. They not only achieve their goals, but they also achieve awareness of a very serious Australian cultural issue.

    As marketers, it’s hard to cut through and make people feel things and change behaviours. However, when you get it right, as this campaign does, the marketing demonstrates authentic reliability and holds up a mirror to many. Old marketing power models tend to require little more than consumption. However, new marketing power taps intp people’s growing capacity and desire to participate in ways that go beyond consumption. This marketing was a sensational example of new power."

  • 35%

    decline in incidence of drink driving.

  • 84%

    of viewers were likely to call others out by using the term 'Selfish Prick'.

  • 2022

    National Winner Best Marketing Campaign AMI