So yeah, we sometimes blog… Have a squiz.

Shut up and say something intelligent.

Somebody once paid me a great compliment at the end of a very long and difficult meeting. He said, “I like you. You sit like one of those Easter Island statues for the whole meeting and every now and then … Read More

Free offer: A Whole Personality

The car race has been and gone for another year.

I love it. I love the energy it brings. And our studio is right in the middle of the ‘buzz’.

On Friday though, one of our people wandered back from … Read More

Minority Madness

Yet another charming and innocent ad has fallen to a misguided minority public opinion.


Do the people really believe toddlers would be inspired to drive a car to the beach any more than others would believe that a fly … Read More

Did Maslow wear Mambo?

I read a great line the other day.

It was one of those lines that draws together all of the things that were swirling around in my head. I was thinking about why Nike became so successful. I kept asking, … Read More