So yeah, we sometimes blog… Have a squiz.

High Noon

Creative was a frontier town like any other.

And like every other, gunfights were a constant feature of the main street.

Yet another was brewing as two protagonists squared up. Steely eyed they fixed gaze. Arms hanging straight by their … Read More

Equal time for the non-verbal

OK, so I need to give equal time to the opposition. (We are in an election year after all.)

In my last Bleat I did lament the passing of words from clever marketing. The truth is I am also a … Read More

Watch your language. Or you’ll lose it.

I admit, advertising has always had an English of its own. We do break all manner of rules taught in school. Or at least we break the rules that used to be taught in school.

We use short sentences. Like … Read More

Shut up and say something intelligent.

Somebody once paid me a great compliment at the end of a very long and difficult meeting. He said, “I like you. You sit like one of those Easter Island statues for the whole meeting and every now and then … Read More