So yeah, we sometimes blog… Have a squiz.

Blog, blog, blog not blah, blah blah.

There were two newspaper articles that caught my eye this week.

One featured the ‘The Bleat’. I had written a column on why blogging was important and the Advertiser picked it up to create a piece for the business pages. … Read More

Be alarmed. Be very alarmed.

I missed posting a mid week Bleat this week (not that you all noticed) because we were travelling the twisty highways of Pitch Land. And even though we have mobile roaming, communicating with the outside world during these journeys is … Read More

A picture is worth a thousand words – 838 actually.

We have an embarrassing photo on our fridge.

It is of a dorky, mop headed teenager caught in a clumsy Peter Townsend pose – red Gibson guitar over shoulder, arm in full swing. The difference here though is that Townsend … Read More

Has everyone gone mad?

We arrived home following a night away to find a letterbox full of advertising flyers and promotional material. Oh, all right, junk mail. Nothing unusual except that three of them had the same headline. Actually, upon reflection, so did 2 … Read More