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Observations from the Top Paddock

As optimistic as we try to be, history suggests that Scomo’s ‘Snapback’ or Trump’s ‘V’ shaped recovery graph will be more like a U shape.

Many people who lived through the ‘Great Depression’ came to define the term ‘frugal’. Even … Read More

Family, without restrictions…

There’s often a lot of restrictions around what we as advertisers can do, say, or produce.

Whether those limitations are based on budgets, media bookings, purpose, mediums or courage, they each present unique challenges that need to be overcome and … Read More

An Offer Worth Refusing

No one begrudges landlords making a fair return on their investment. But when demands become greedy and simply irrational, it’s time to move.

We’re shifting the flock to higher pastures.

We’re leaving a street that has been our home for 13 years and … Read More

Learning to drive the Super Highway

There used to be a lot more of these around… interesting little shops full of boxes of dusty second-hand stuff that was for sale for a couple of bucks.

Old cameras, spanners, copies of National Geographic, ash trays shaped like … Read More