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An interesting lesson from The Social Dilemma

If you haven’t watched The Social Dilemma, you should. In fact, it should be prescribed viewing for everyone – responsible and imposed information, as important as health warnings on ciggy packets.

I will leave commentary on the provocation of … Read More

Responsibility, education and being prepared

I’m not sure how many other agencies accept work experience students or interns. We do a lot of it, partly to fulfil an obligation through the Government Tendering process. But our prime motivation is to foster a sense of optimism … Read More

Observations from the Top Paddock

As optimistic as we try to be, history suggests that Scomo’s ‘Snapback’ or Trump’s ‘V’ shaped recovery graph will be more like a U shape.

Many people who lived through the ‘Great Depression’ came to define the term ‘frugal’. Even … Read More

Family, without restrictions…

There’s often a lot of restrictions around what we as advertisers can do, say, or produce.

Whether those limitations are based on budgets, media bookings, purpose, mediums or courage, they each present unique challenges that need to be overcome and … Read More