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Even back in the late 60’s in a small New Zealand town called Whangarei, there was advertising and it was effective.

I was just an average, seventeen year old, trying to push the boundaries, my hormones raging and yet I … Read More

Our history defines us.

At age eighteen, there were two motivations to go to Teachers College, a move to a bigger city and a girl to boy ratio of 10 to one.

It was brilliant. Forget HECS fees; we were paid to study. It … Read More

Clicks and bricks – the future of retail

As I said in the last Bleat, the world moves in cycles… though I have to say that those waiting for Chardonnay to become fashionable again are in for a long time between drinks…

My point was that we’ve seen … Read More

What’s next on the wheel after Social Marketing

Things go round and around.

Wheels…… The seasons… Sit-coms…

Even the Universe, which is said to be expanding rapidly at the speed of heaps, is predicted to reverse and implode back creating another Big Bang. And it all starts again. … Read More