An Offer Worth Refusing

Written by

Tom Ootes


November 19, 2018

No one begrudges landlords making a fair return on their investment. But when demands become greedy and simply irrational, it’s time to move.

We’re shifting the flock to higher pastures.

We’re leaving a street that has been our home for 13 years
and most of them have been happy.

We’ll miss the sloping floors, random fires, water leaks, rusty pipes, idiosyncratic elevators, drains that fart and ineffective air-conditioning.

But we will seriously miss the community that has
developed and bloomed in the Malcolm Reid building.
A creative, energetic, enthusiastic and warm group of people
​and businesses we are proud to call neighbours and friends.

But Rundle Street has also lost its mojo;
too many people suffering on the pavements,
too many struggling retailers,
too many featureless apartment towers
blocking out the sun and yet another bloody
Ad agency with too many shiny suits.

It’s time to reinvent, to throw shit out and start afresh;
it’s what Black Sheep do.

The move is a bit of a nod to the halcyon days of Greenhill Road
… well kind of.

We are moving up Glen Osmond Road to a brand new,
beautifully designed office in Parkside.

It’s a toffy address with a working lift, a very cool balcony,
heaps of parking and a dog named Abby to welcome you
– we are pumped about the move.

From January 1st, we will be at 60A Glen Osmond Road, Parkside
and we look forward to buying you a drink of something
when you visit.

Andrew, John and the Flock