Written by

Andrew Millar


May 21, 2007

We are playing a game at home at the moment. It’s called ‘If we were going to move, what would we get rid of?’ It’s easy to play. All you do is walk around the house nominating what would go.

We’re not going to move but we have decided to dispose of the stuff we don’t want, don’t like or don’t need anyway. Because, like most homes, there’s stuff you keep just because it is there. We’ve acted on the reality that we just don’t like some of it, others are ‘hangovers’ from fashions long gone and others we kind of inherited from my parents when they moved to a smaller home.

It is like we are keeping the stuff because we have always had it.

We’re living in a habit habitat. And we’ve decided to change it. Bring on the mini skip.

The truth is our situation mirrors most companies marketing plans.

Most companies, I suspect, place their advertising spend based on tradition and habit, or the worst of all reasons, “Because that is what everyone else does”.

For example, I was speaking to a car yard manager and I enquired as to whether the expensive listings in the weekend papers actually work. “No”, was the candid reply. They only do it because everyone else does.

Andrew Millar
Creative Director