So yeah, we sometimes blog… Have a squiz.

Oh God, he’s quoting Maslow again.

Yes, I used Abraham Maslow in a ‘discussion’ with my staff.

I was ranting about only employing ‘self actualising’ people who are honest with themselves and others. People who see their faults and want to be part of a solution … Read More

Good ads, Bad ads

I have always believed good advertising should sound like its coming from someone you just started chatting with on the bus.

Good marketing people can tell you who that person is and what language they should be using.

The conversation … Read More

‘No Mr Bond, I expect you to get a Ph.D!’

When I get tired of this Merry-Go-Round called advertising, I’m going back to uni. I’ve got it in mind to write a Ph.D thesis.

I’ve even got the title picked out. ‘The ultimate death of the James Bond villian and … Read More

What can we learn from Thomas who?

15 years ago the pin-striped suits of my then agency used to throw around the words ‘paradigm shift’. I think they had all read… or heard of… or heard someone else talk about… physicist Thomas S. Kuhn and wanted to … Read More