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Qantas misses ‘Gold’ during Olympics…

The flame has been extinguished. The Olympics are over for another 4 years.

Thank God.

Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoyed the coverage. I enjoyed the unfolding stories. I vicariously took pleasure in the triumphs and felt some of … Read More

Does Steve Jobs live on or had he died in an American sit-com

A couple of weeks ago I received a text from someone pointing out that an article on our website was now a little out of date. It was a little article I’d penned on brand championship and where it lived … Read More

The Dark Side of Marketing

‘You’ve found your dark side Adelaide’ were the words of encouragement from Adam Ferrier Chairman of Judges at the 2012 AADC Awards.

Our dark side.

Is that what we need to create great marketing? A visit to the shadow lands…

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The Dark Knight Rises below Social Media

Maybe it was because I had spent a whole day in an intense seminar. And because of it, my brain felt like it had been danced a couple of hundred laps in a blender. Or maybe I have come to … Read More